Employment Information for 2024

We are currently fully staffed for the 2024 season. 

Pool Manager/Assistant Manager

College-aged individual or older who has had previous Lifeguard experience. Additionally, the individual must exhibit good managerial qualities, either through previous Somerset Hills employment or via substantiating letters from previous employers. Red Cross Lifeguard certification is required. Certification must be effective by pool opening and must remain valid through Labor Day.

Senior Lifeguard/Lifeguard

Red Cross Certified Lifeguard in good standing (certification must be completed by pool opening and remain valid through Labor Day). Senior Guards have a minimum of 3+ years of experience.  The position reports to the Pool Manager. Lifeguards also perform other duties, which include but are not limited to, pool entrance gatekeeper, and general pool and grounds maintenance. May be assigned other duties as necessary.

Substitute Lifeguard

Providing coverage as needed.

Somerset Hills Hiring Policy

Hiring for the Somerset Hills Swim Club and the Blue Dolphins Swim Team is performed by two separate committees. These committees interview candidates as appropriate and make recommendations to the Board of Directors of the Club. These committees take into account the previous year’s reviews and interim experience gains.

Employment will be offered first to existing employees with good ratings from the previous season, followed by pool members in good standing and children of past pool members, and finally non-Somerset Hills candidates. Special consideration will be given to Lifeguards that can work through Labor Day.

Due to the nature of the Head and Assistant Coach positions, the assignment may be filled by the most qualified candidate, Somerset Hills or non-Somerset Hills. Current-year salaries will be reviewed at the April board meeting. Wage ranges and criteria for each position will be available to all pool members upon request. Salaries and expectations for each position will be included in all job offers. Applicants will be notified in April if they are or are not being offered a position for the upcoming season.