Somerset Hills Swim Club is now offering small group lessons beginning in June.

Open to both MEMBERS and NON-MEMBERS

Swim classes will be led by Nicolette Newsome, Lila Blomquist, Anna Blomquist & Ali Tamedl. They are all long-time SHSC members and have successfully worked with our swimmers as a member of the Swim Team staff. They lead lessons with technique and patience; their care and skill have contributed to the success of many non-swimmers taking their first laps! Nicolette is a college swimmer for Babson College in Massachusetts. Lila, Anna & Ali all swim for Streamline Aquatics Club, the Bridgewater Raritan High School Swim Team all are outstanding students at Bridgewater High School. Class descriptions and rates are listed below. Classes require a minimum of 3 swimmers to run. You will be notified if a session is canceled due to low enrollment. 

Classes will be limited to 7 participants. We will accept names for a waiting list. You will be notified if you are placed on the waiting list.

Contact Angela Sun with any questions or changes after registration

Or call 732-491-1389


9:00AM and 12:30PM
Intro To Swim:
These lessons are for our tiniest swimmers. The goal of these lessons is to get your child comfortable in the water. We will practice skills such as putting our faces in the water, kicking while holding the wall, and blowing bubbles underwater. A guardian should be prepared to get into the water with their swimmer, if necessary.  Swimmers should come prepared with goggles.

9:30AM and 1:00PM
Level 1:
These lessons are geared towards the child who is ready to learn to be independent in the water. Children will practice swimming with and without a kickboard. Children at this level should be comfortable putting their faces in the water and should be ready to take a lesson without their guardian in the water with them. Swimmers should come prepared with goggles.

9:00AM and 12:30PM
Level 2:
These leswsons are geared towards the hild who can already swim and is ready to learn the mechanics of swim strokes. We will mainly work on freestyle and backstroke, but may touch on breast stroke as well. Swimmers should come prepared with goggles.

9:30AM and 1:00PM
Level 3: These lessons are for our advanced swimmers. Students at this level are required to pass their deep end test prior to the beginning of lessons. We will work on all strokes, but will emphasize breaststroke and butterfly. We will also practice diving. Swimmers should come prepared with goggles.


Private lessons are available at Somerset Hills Swim Club with any of our swim coaches and lifeguards. They should be arranged through the coaches and lifeguards directly at a mutually agreed-upon time and rate.

If you are interested in private lessons, but unsure of which coach to ask, email Aimee and she will connect you.