Deep End Wristband Policy

Wristband Policy at SHSC

Lap lane test requirement for 12 year olds and younger.

With regard to our young swimmers and diving, we’d like to clear up any confusion about pool rules. For the safety of the children the pool instituted the following rules regarding children going in the deep end. The following policies are in effect for the 2016 season.

1. Any pool member aged 12 or under must take and pass the lap lane test in order to be allowed to dive off the diving board. The lap lane test requires that the swimmer swim 2 lengths of the pool unassisted.

2. Those members who pass the lap lane test will be issued a bracelet that they should wear while at the pool. The first bracelet is free of charge. SHSC will need to charge a fee of one dollar for any lost or missing bracelets to cover costs.

3. The lifeguard on duty should have a complete list of names of swimmers who have passed the lap lane test. There should be no need for a child to have to retake the lap lane test.

Enjoy the summer at the pool!

SHSC Board Members