Employment Opportunity

Somerset Hills Swim Club (SHSC) Dolphins Swim Team Positions

All coaching positions for 2017 have been filled.

Head Coach /Assistant Coach 

College individual or older who is swimming or has swam competitively. The individual must have prior coaching experience and have excellent communication skills. The head Coach is responsible to attend all swim practices and meets, and make up all workouts and meet lineups.

  • Must be available for employment approximately mid May to end of July
  • Must be Lifeguard Certified.
  • Must be available for dual swim meets running Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings throughout the months of June and July (approximately 8 meets)
  • Must be available for invitational meets including (but not limited to) Roycefield Sprints, Minnow Meet, League Championships and Conference Championships.   Invitational meets typically occur during the weekends mid through end of July, with conference championships occurring mid-week during the last week of July
  • Must have demonstrated leadership qualities and the ability to work with age groups ranging from 5 to 19 years old (i.e. prior experience as coach, swim instructor, camp counselor, teacher, etc.).
  • Must have demonstrated ability to instruct the four basic swim strokes, flip turns, and dives all at a competitive level.
  • Effective communication skills; must be able to communicate with swimmer’s parents when required

Junior Coach

High School student who is willing to swim for the SHSC and has his/her lifesaving certification (preferred). The position is a developmental position requiring the individual to help coach and lifeguard the younger swimmers during practice, and assume some responsibilities during swim meets. The position is under the direct control of the Head and Assistant Swim Coaches with guidance from the SHSC Board.

Coaching Responsibilities:

  • Provide a safe and fun atmosphere to develop the children as swimmers and members of a team
  • Conduct yourself in a professional manner and as role models at all times
  • No cell phone policy in effect during swim practice (for coaches)
  • Travel to swim meets when required
  • Prepare and submit in a timely manner all appropriate paperwork and/or computer files for upcoming swim meets
  • Work with swim team members to show improvement in their swimming performance and prepare them for competitive swim meets each weekend
  • Work with first-time swim team members to understand basic swim terminology such as 25s, 50s, IMs, etc. and run drills appropriate to learning the basic strokes.
  • Give attention to individual swimmers with personal goals being set for each swimmer
  • Create an effective written plan to manage and challenge swimmers at each practice session. This plan must include, but is not limited to, practice times by age group; instruction of warm-up stretches and activities; lane assignments; practice of each stroke, flip turns and diving; and conditioning. The practice plan will be developmentally appropriate and will aid the swimmer in developing a legal and effective stroke, and will improve technique and conditioning of each swimmer. Swimmers should be broken out by skill during practices and provided the appropriate drills and/or coaching based on their ability.
  • Prepare the pool for practice with the assistance of appointed swimmers.
  • Ensure pool is properly set up for general public open times, e.g. break down the lane lines
  • Develop team rules to include consequences and rewards. Examples include participation in practice times; behavior at practice, attendance at meets, cheering on teammates (vs. playing on playground), etc. This plan will be written and presented to the swim team members. An individual’s discipline should not interfere with other team member’s swim time.
  • Create a recognition program to reward swimmers making an exceptional effort during practice and meets. The swim team will fund small awards for this purpose.
  • Encourage senior swimmers to be, and developed as, positive leaders and role models for the team and to assist with younger swimmers during swim meets such as marshaling, reminding swimmers of strokes and common legal swim just prior to race time (e.g. two hand touch), and assisting with relay takeoffs for the 8 and under group.
  • Ensure all swim team members have been picked up after practice prior to leaving pool grounds
  • Attend all swim team events such as pasta parties, parent meetings, etc.